Salem/Roanoke, VA.

  Had a good nights sleep last night and was able to sleep in till 7.  Hung out with the cuz today and had a nice time.  Last night I went to a gathering for Tom’s Christian Motorcyclist Association Chapter 264, “Blue Ridge Christian Riders.”  One of the guys brought a 1942 WLA Harley Davidson, military issued motorcycle, which was a cool bike.  
  Today’s album has photos from Tom’s garage, and as you can see he has quite a license plate collection, some nice cars and is obviously a Davey Allison fan.  (RIP)  Tom is into cars or trucks and has had 119 different vehicles to date, and still counting.  
  Tomorrow I will be off to Lynchburg, VA. for the final stretch of the journey.  I made contact with a captain with the Richmond, VA Police Department who gave me directions to get through the city and is possibly going to get some media coverage.  Stay tuned….

(Cut and paste and log into your facebook page to view the photos)

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One Response to Salem/Roanoke, VA.

  1. S.L. says:

    I have been following your blog through this journey, and I just want to say you are such an inspiration. Not only that you have nearly made it on a journey that people only dream about, but that you have done all of this for a cause, for your friend. You are amazing. Congratulations!